Sulfuric Acid

GAC supplies the industry standard 93+% sulfuric acid (66Âş baume). Our acid meets the stringent low mercury requirements of the Pulp and Paper Industry in Maine and other regional jurisdiction. GAC's sulfuric acid is also qualified for agricultural use as well. GAC maintains a large bulk inventory in order to meet the demands of our various customers. Contact sales for additional information.


GAC Chemical ships sulfuric acid in tank trucks up to 33 short-tons net. Special shipments such as single or multi trip tote tanks can be provided.


GAC has 93% sulfuric acid in bulk inventory and can ship 24/7*.

*Note: Our normal shipping schedule is weekdays. Weekend and holiday shipments can be accommodated, but may incur additional fees. Contact Customer Service or Sales for details.

SDS Request, Please Contact our Quality/Technical Department via:

Phone: (207) 548-2525