GAC can supply the following flocculants. Contact Sales for further details.


GAC packages and ships emulsions in tank trucks, multi-trip tote tanks, drums, and pails. The dry product packages are 1000kg & 1 ton tote sacks and 25kg (55lbs.) paper bags, 40 to a pallet.


Lead times: for dry products - 2 to 4 weeks, for emulsion products - 1 to 2 weeks. Longer lead times can occur based on raw material availability.

GenFloc 84000 Series Cationic Emulsion

GenFloc 83000 Series Anionic Emulsion

GenFloc 82000 Series Anionic Emulsion

GenFloc 68000 Series Cationic – Dry

GenFloc 64000 Series Cationic – Dry

GenFloc 60000 Series Anionic – Dry

GenFloc 1086N Nonionic – Dry

SDS/Spec Sheet Request, Please Contact our Quality/Technical Department via:

Phone: (207) 548-2525

E-mail: qualtech@gacchemical.com