Food Chemical Codex (FCC) Grade

FCC Grade Ammonium Sulfate is used extensively in the baking industry as source of nitrogen for yeast risen doughs.

Common Uses:

Used as a dough conditioner. Another use is in the manufacture of sausage casings. In the beverage industry, it is used in sparkling wine production. One of the newest uses is in the production of low carb beer. GAC is the leading manufacturer of Food Grade Ammonium Sulfate in North America.


GAC packages and ships FCC Ammonium Sulfate in tote sacks, 50 lb. & 25 lb. paper sacks, and drums. Special packaging is available upon request.


Normal lead times are 2 weeks from order placement to shipment. Shipments are 24/7*.

*Note: Our normal shipping schedule is weekdays.  Weekend and holiday shipments can be accommodated, but may incur additional fees. Contact Customer Service or Sales for details.

SDS/Spec Sheet Request, Please Contact our Quality/Technical Department via:

Phone: (207) 548-2525


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