Ammonium Hydroxide (Aqua Ammonia)

GAC produces aqua ammonia (ammonium hydroxide) by absorbing purified anhydrous ammonia with deionized water. Concentrations from 29.5% to 5.0% are made on a regular basis. GAC can make specific concentrations as required upon request. Contact our Sales Department for additional information.

Once produced, the aqua ammonia is put through a standard battery of quality assurance tests to insure product quality. GAC's basis for consistent quality is the ISO program. GAC uses dedicated tank trucks and packages for its aqua ammonia.


GAC packages and ships in railroad cars, tank trucks, single or multi trip tote tanks, and drums. Custom packaging is available.


GAC has aqua ammonia (AA) in bulk inventory and can ship bulk on a 24/7* basis.

*Note: Our normal shipping schedule is weekdays. Weekend and holiday shipments can be accommodated, but may incur additional fees. Contact Customer Service or Sales for details.

SDS/Spec Sheet Request, Please Contact our Quality/Technical Department via:

Phone: (207) 548-2525